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第一篇动物英文怎么写:动物英语作文:My Dog_150字

  I have a dog. My dog name is DuDu. DuDu is 9 years. DuDu is fat. It wears a white coat. DuDu has two big eyes and two small ears. It has one short mouth. My dog is smart. I like my dog. Do you like it?


  (1) Kill two birds with one stone. 一箭双雕;一举两得。
  (2) A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. 双鸟在林不如一鸟在手。
  (3) Birds of a feather flock together. 物以类聚,人以群分。
  (4) It’s an ill bird that fouls own nest. 家丑不可外扬。
  (5) Fine feathers make fine birds. 人要衣装,马要鞍。
  (6) A bird is known by its note, and a man by his talk. 听音识鸟,闻言识人。
  (7) Each bird loves to hear himself sing. 鸟儿都爱听自己唱。(自我欣赏)
  (8) You cannot catch old birds with chaff.(粗糠). 用粗糠捉不住老鸟。(有经验的人难骗。)
  (9) Birds in their little nests agree. 同巢之鸟心儿齐。
  2. Cat
  (1) A cat has nine lives.猫有九条命;吉人天相。
  (2) Cats hide their claws. 知人知面不知心。
  (3) All cats are grey in the dark.. 黑暗之中猫都是灰色的。(人未出名时看起来都差不多。)
  (4) A gloved cat catches no mice. 戴手套的猫,老鼠抓不到。(不愿吃苦的人成不了大事业。)
  (5) When the weasel and the cat make a marriage, it is a very ill presage. 黄鼠狼和猫结亲,不是好事情。)
  (6) Who will bwll the cat? 谁去给猫系铃?(谁愿意为大家冒风险?)
  (7) The cat shuts its eyes when stealing cream. 帽偷吃奶油的时候总是闭着眼睛。(掩耳盗铃)
  (8) There are more ways of killing a cat than by choking it with butter. 杀猫的办法很多。(达到目的的途径很多。)
  (9) Care kill a cat. 忧虑愁死猫。
  3. Chicken
  (1) Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. 鸡蛋未孵出,先别数小鸡。(不要过早乐观。)
  4. Crow
  (1) A crow is never the whiter for washing herself often. 江山易改,本性难移。
  5. Dog
  (1) He who would hang his dog gives out first that it is mad. 欲加之罪,何患无词.
  (2) A staff is quickly found to beat a dog with. 欲加之罪,何患无词.
  (3) Love me, love my dog. 爱屋及乌.
  (4) Too much pudding will choke a dog. 布丁太多噎死狗。
  (5) Every dog has his day. 人人皆有得意时。
  (6) Barking dogs don’t (seldom) bite. 爱叫的狗很少咬人。
  (7) Let sleeping dogs lie. 勿惹事生非。
  (8) Dead dogs bite not. 死狗不咬人。
  (9) All are not thieves that dogs bark at. 狗见了叫的不一定都是贼。(不要以貌取人。)
  (10) Every dog is a lion at home. 狗在家门口就成了狮子。
  (11) Don’t be a dog (lying) in the manger. 莫学狗占马槽不吃草。(不要占着茅坑不拉屎。)
  (12) Dog does not eat dog. 同类不相残。
  (13) Scornful dogs will eat dirty puddings. 狗再傲慢也会吃脏布丁。
  (14) A son never thinks his mother ugly,and a dog never shuns its owner’s home however shabby it is.儿不嫌母丑,狗不嫌家贫。
  6. Frog
  (1) The frog in the well knows nothing of the great ocean. 井底之蛙,不知大海。
  7. Fox
  (1) The fox may grow grey, but never good. 狐狸毛色可变灰,但是本性难移。
  (2) The fox preys farthest from his hole. 狐狸捕食,远离洞府。(兔子不吃窝边草。)
  (3) When the fox preaches, then take care of your geese. 每当狐狸说教,当心鹅群被盗。
  (4) When the fox says he is a vegetarian, it’s time for the hen to look out. 狐狸说它吃素的时候,母鸡就得注意。
  8. Fish
  (1) The best fish swim near the bottom. 好鱼常在水底游。
  (2) Never offer to teach fish to swim. 不要班门弄斧。
  (3) Go to the sea, if you would fish well. 不入虎穴,焉得虎子。
  (4) There’s as good fish in the sea as ever came out of it. 海里的好鱼多的是。
  (5) It is a silly fish that is caught twice with the same bait. 智者不上两次档。
  (6) If water is noisy, there are no fish in it. 咆哮的水中无鱼。(夸夸其谈者无真才实学。)。
  9. Hare
  (1) You cannot run with the hare and hunt with the hounds(猎狗). 不能既和野兔一起跑又和猎狗一起追。(人不应两面讨好。)
  (2) The tortoise wins the race while the hare is sleeping. 兔子睡懒觉,乌龟跑赢了。
  10. Horse
  (1) You can take a horse to the water, but you can’t make him drink. 带马到河边容易,逼马饮水难。
  (2) Don’t ride the high horse. 勿摆架子。
  (3) A good horse cannot be of a bad colour. 好马不会毛色差。
  (4) A horse may stumble on four feet. 马有四条腿,亦有失蹄时。
  (5) A running horse needs no spur. 奔马无需鞭策。
  (6) Don’t put the cart before the horse. 不要将大车套在马前面。(处理问题应按先后次序,不要本末倒置。)
  (7) The common horse is worst shod. 公用之马,掌子最差。
  (8) Lock the barn door after the horse is stolen. 失马之后锁马厩。(亡羊补牢)
  (9) Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. 馈赠之马,勿看牙口。
  (10) Hair by hair you will pull out the horse’s tail. 一根一根拔,拔光马尾巴。(水滴石穿)
  11 . Mouse
  (1) It is a poor mouse that has only one hole. 狡兔三窟。
  (2) The mouse that has but one hole is quickly taken. 只有一个洞的老鼠,很快就被抓住。
  (3) A speck of mouse dung will spoil a whole pot of porridge. 一粒老鼠屎,坏了一锅粥。
  12. Sheep
  (1) If one sheep leaps over the ditch, all the rest will follow. 榜样的力量是无穷的。
  (2) A lazy sheep thinks its wool heavy. 懒羊嫌毛重。
  (3) He that makes himself a sheep shall be eaten by the wolf. 甘心做绵羊,必然喂豺狼。
  (1) One swallow does not make a spring. 孤燕不报春。
  (2) One swallow does not make a summer. 一燕不成夏。
  14. Tiger
  (1) If you don’t enter a tiger’s den, you can’t get his cubs. 不入虎穴,焉得虎子。
  15. Wolf
  (1) Don’t trust a goat with the kitchen-garden,or a wolf with sheepfold. 不能请羊管菜园,不能请狼管羊圈。
  (2) Who keeps company with wolves, will learn to howl. 和狼在一起,就会学狼叫。
  (3) Man is a wolf to man. 人对人是狼。(人心狠,人吃人)
  (4) A growing youth has a wolf in his belly. 年轻人,在成长,吃起饭来像饿狼。


  Dogs usually refers to the dogs, also known as dogs, a common canine mammals, is a close relative of the wolf. Often referred to as "human best friend" is also the highest rate of keeping pets. His life was about ten - more than three decades, in the absence of an accident, the average life span of small dogs to be longer.

第四篇动物英文怎么写:动物英语作文:My favourite animal_400字

  I like animals very much, such as horses,monkeys, cats, tigers and so on. But I like dogs best. Why? Because they are very cute and nice.
  I have a white dog. Its name is Bobo. She is a female dog.She comes from Beijing,China.She wears white clothes and she has two big eyes and a small month.She often walks round and round at home.It has nothing to do.She likes eating ice-cream so much.So do I.When I eat ice-cream,she will look at the ice-cream carefully,So I will give her some to eat.
  I think Bobo is the cutest dog in the world.


  pigs might fly无稽之谈,奇迹可能会发生
  “The management might offer us a decent pay rise.” “Pigs might fly!”
  buy a pig in a poke (未见实物而)乱买东西(吃了亏)
  You"ll have to show me the car; I don"t intend to buy a pig in a poke
  I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it
  A famed person and a fattened pig are alike in danger.
  People are afraid of being famed just as the pig is afraid of being fat.
  When pigs fly
  猪可不能飞起来!这是不可能的事,因此正是成语本身想表达的意思。例如,当你听到有人说,"Do you think Mary will quit her job now that she"s pregnant?"另一个人就回答,"Yeah, when pigs fly! There is no way she is giving up her career!"当他或她在使用表达方式 when pigs fly时,意思是Mary绝对不可能辞职。
  Get in someone"s hair
  如果你get in someone"s hair,你并没有爬到别人的头上!其实,意思是你烦扰到了他们-可能是你侵入了他们的私人空间。例如"Susan was trying to prepare dinner, but her children were getting in her hair!" 意思是Susan的孩子们在她做饭的时候烦她。如果有人烦扰到了你,你就可以说,"Get out of my hair!"
  Hit the ceiling
  天花板可离我们的头远着呢,那么要撞上天花板也不是件容易的事-除非你非常生气!如果有人hits the ceiling意思是他们正表现出非常生气的样子。例如,"When Carol"s son got an F on his report card, she hit the ceiling!"意思是Carol对她儿子考试不及格非常的愤怒。
  Knock someone"s socks off
  现在,要pull掉别人的袜子还有些可能-但是要knock掉别人的袜子要该怎么做呢?当然是通过让他们惊奇兴奋并印象深刻喽!例如,"You should see Tom"s new car! It"ll knock your socks off, it"s so amazing!"意思是Tom的车令人称奇!
  Bite the bullet
  如果要试着咬一颗子弹味道会是怎样呢?不太好吧。那么为什么会有人bite the bullet呢?只有在勇敢的忍受或面对困难的处境时他们才会这么做。例如"She had to bite the bullet and give in to her boss"s unreasonable demands."意思是她在老板提出苛刻要求时表现的勇敢坚强。
  Drive someone up a wallpigs
  车是不能开到墙上去的,那么谁能drive you up a wall?是惹你讨厌的人!例如,"My mom is driving me up a wall! She won"t ever let me stay out late."意思是母亲不让我在外面呆得晚让我感到非常的讨厌。


  My favorite animals are swans.they are white.they can swim very well.I think they look like a beautiful girl in a white dress.they have a pair of wings and they can also fly well.I believe they are angles from the sky.they bring us love and make us happy.they are always friendly to us.We can"t hurt them,because they are our friend.I love them!I like dogs,too.they are not beautiful,but they are the best friends.they keep the thieves away.Dogs have the best listening and eyes.they can hear in the nosiy,see in the dark.If we are in danger,they will help us at once.And they don"t mind their lives.So,I love them.


  The snake is a long and thin animal that lives in grass or other dark places. 蛇是一种又长又瘦的动物,生活在草丛里和阴暗的地方、A snake has no legs or feet, but it can move very fast on its stomach.蛇没有腿和脚,靠胃部飞快的移动前进。 Snakes usually have green, yellow or black skins, which make them difficult for their enemies to find them. 蛇常常有绿色,黄色和黑色的皮肤,使得敌人很难找到他们。Some kinds of snakes live in water. They can swim as freely as fish.有些蛇生活在水里,他们能像鱼一样飞速的游移。
  Snakes are cold-blooded animals. In winter they hibernatein holes which are narrow enough only to hold the snakes" bodies. The snakes can sleep through a whole winter without eating and moving. They can not feel any pain. The hibernation period lasts about five months. When spring comes, the snakes come out and begin their normal life.
  Snakes can take many things as food, such as mice, sparrows, frogs,birds" eggs, pests and so on. People sometimes can see a snake eat a sparrow. First it moves close to the sparrow, then it puts out its tongue and brings the sparrow into its mouth and swallows it, which makes a lump in the snake"s body. After some time the lump disappears.
  As snakes are dreadful-looking, people are afraid of them. Many people drive them away whenever they see snakes. But in Chinese fairy tales, snakes are by no means bad. They seem to have human feelings. They can change into pretty girls. People like and respect them. The most well-known is the story about the White Snake and the Blue Snake.
  In fact, snakes are not as dreadful as they look. They can help us to kill mice and pests. They can provide us with delicious meat. Their blood is a good drink. Poisonous snakes are especially useful. We can make valuable drugs with them.


    furry, smart, intelligent, fast, strong, aggressive, enormous, gentle, fun, shy, friendly, endangered, laws, zoos, feed, etc.
    One possible version:
    My favourite animals are pandas. I like them very much because they are gentle and shy. They are also friendly to people. And they look funny, too. Their eyes are the most interesting part. The black circles around their eyes make them look like they are wearing glasses or have just been in a fight. Their favourite food is bamboo leaves. They don’t like to move around very much. In fact, they prefer to sleep all day if they can.
    But now pandas are endangered. For one thing, people have destroyed many of their habitats. For another, they don’t have enough food to eat. We must think of ways to protect them. I think we should build more panda zoos and plant more bamboo for them.
    I hope everyone can do something for animals, so that we can keep our world rich and colourful and full of interesting animals.

第九篇动物英文怎么写:中考英语作文范文小动物的题目是My Pet ...

  1.我的宠物是一条可爱的狗。它的名字是"点点" 。因为有很多黑的圆圈在它的皮肤上。"点点" 是非常友好的。许多孩子喜欢和它玩。他的喜爱食物是肉骨头。 他的喜爱玩具是玩偶。" 点点" 喜欢非常跑。它跑得非常快速并且它有一个女朋友。它的名字"娜娜" 。它的皮肤也有很多黑圈子。我非常喜欢我的宠物。这是一只好宠物!!
  My pet is a lovely dog.Its name is "dian dian".because there are a lot of black circle on its skin.the "dian dian" is very friendly.Many childen like play with him.His favourite food is meat bones. His favourite toy is a doll. "dian dian " likes to run very much.It can run very fast and it has a girl friend.its name "na na".There are a lot of black circle on its skin,too.I like my pet very much.It is a good pet!!
  I have got two baby cats. They are very beautiful. One is yellow. The other is white. They are very lovely. The yellow cat is very naughty. He likes to play with people. He often runs here and there. His favourite game is playing with balls, ropes and stones. But the white cat is very gentle. She likes to wash her face. And she doesn′t like to play with people. She often jumps onto my knees. I like to give her a bath.
  Oh, my baby cats bring me much happiness. We are very good friends. I love them.